Share the News About Pattern

Thanks for being willing to share the innovative mission and critical needs of Pattern Platform!

In order for this vision to keep moving forward, God needs people like you to share the word with others and provide opportunity to give.

Below is some information about how you can share Pattern.

Links to pass along:

A short introductory video 
A short introductory document: Pattern Intro
Pattern Overview Packet
Schedule a call with Pattern

Ideas for starting the conversation:

  1. In a text message, email, or call: “The reason for my message is that I started helping a new missions project that is using technology to take Scripture and discipleship resources to the world’s hardest places. It is really innovative! You came to mind as someone who may be interested. Can I send you more information about it?”
    2. If the person says “yes,” then provide any or all of the links above.
    3. Contact them in a week or so to get their reaction. Also add, “I’d love to set up a video call with you, I, and someone from the Pattern team so you can see this resource in action. What do you think?” You can set up a Zoom call with them with this link.

We will send this exact information to your email for your convenience. Thanks for sharing!

Share the news