Empower Each Team

A language independent application that facilitates the secure sharing of resources and empowerment of every believer as a disciple maker and church planter.

Screenshot of the pattern platform application on a mobile phone
Screenshot from the Pattern Platform App

What if there was a simple resource on the phone of every believer that would provide the confidence and tools to disciple others in the same way their pastor/leader is discipling them?

Screenshot from the Pattern Platform App

What if all that is needed is simple discovery Bible studies crafted to help these new believers grow in small groups and then repeat the process with others?

Screenshot from the Pattern Platform App

All of this is now possible with a mobile app that partners with what you are already doing. 

For most missionary teams, especially those working among the world’s unreached, the Pattern Platform leapfrogs websites as a means of resource distribution and puts the creation and control of a mobile application and its content within reach.

We chose to invest in Pattern because we needed a simple way to scale our discipleship strategy, frameworks, and materials to all of our church-planting teams among unreached peoples—in multiple languages. The Pattern app does this with elegant simplicity.
Co-founder of the Live Dead movement
Global Worker

Features to Consider

Developed around discovery Bible studies and simple group-meeting guides (we call them patterns).

Fully independent, customizable, and missionary-managed application and content.

Compatible with Android, website, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

The application and content can be shared from phone to phone.

Fully supports audio resources for non-reading cultures.

Creation and distribution of additional content is easy in our Content Creator.

Secure Android application for phones in hostile locations.

Available in any language.
Finally I can feel safe having the Scripture on my phone!
Local believer in hostile location

What is the process?

1. Submit your information

2. Choose a payment option

3. Customize your app

4. Choose your lessons

5. Launch your app

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