Empower Each Church

Churches have a commission to make disciples of the people in their area. Pattern partners with churches by creating a custom app that facilitates small-group based discipleship using Discovery Bible Studies.

Screenshot of the pattern platform application on a mobile phone

Features to Consider

Easily create and manage resources for your small groups. Developed around Discovery Bible Studies and simple meeting templates, which empower every believer.

A central location for discipleship resources as well as training and leadership development resources. A toolbox on every phone. 

Creation and distribution of additional content is easy through our Content Creator.

Fully independent, customizable, and self-managed app and content.

Brings a custom mobile app within reach for every church – that is far easier to use than a website and more robust than a Bible app.

App versions include Android, website, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

What is the process?

1. Submit your information

2. Choose a payment option

3. Customize your app

4. Choose your lessons

5. Launch your app

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