Empower Each Church

Churches have a commission to make disciples of the people in their area. Pattern partners with churches by creating a customized app that facilitates small-group based discipleship using Discovery Bible Studies.

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Screenshot from the Pattern Platform App

Churches and pastors are asking for wisdom and resources to help make healthy and fruitful disciples of Jesus in their small groups.

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Many pastors agree on the goal and need of empowering every believer as a disciple maker.

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We believe every home is the possible location of a small group to disciple new believers toward fruitfulness.

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Pattern is here to partner with churches to create a custom, small-group discipleship app with the potential to reach further into their city.

Pattern Platform is based on a model of simple, reproducible, Discovery Bible Studies for small-group gatherings. These studies follow a path of growth that encourages healthy, reproducing disciples and, in turn, multiplying home groups. The platform also helps you customize your own app, set your own growth path, and choose your own content.

We used it in our home church for the first time last week. Everyone followed along easily. When we asked for a volunteer to lead the next week, someone volunteered immediately.
Global Worker

Features to Consider

Easily create and manage resources for your small groups. Developed around Discovery Bible Studies and simple group-meeting guides, which empower every believer.

A central location for discipleship resources as well as training and leadership development resources. A toolbox on every phone. 

Creation and distribution of additional content is easy through our Content Creator.

Fully independent, customizable, and self-managed app and content.

Brings a mobile app within reach for every church, that is far easier to use than a website and more robust than a Bible app.

Compatible with Android, website, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.
Our disciple makers use it easily with their disciples to study the Word and grow in their faith.
Global Worker

What is the process?

1. Submit your information

2. Choose a payment option

3. Customize your app

4. Choose your lessons

5. Launch your app

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