Why do we need financial partners?

God’s idea, actions taken in faith, and the generosity of nearly two dozen people and groups have created a debt-free platform that is ready to share with the world.

We never say no to missionary teams or groups who desire to use our platform to engage unreached people groups with the good news of Jesus! Because of this, we need like-minded donors who will partner with missionary teams or other groups to provide for the cost of the custom application. We also need both on-going and one-time donors who will partner with Pattern Platform itself to continuing improving our Platform and keeping costs low for everyone who uses our apps.

We chose to invest in Pattern because we needed a simple way to scale our discipleship strategy, frameworks, and materials to all of our church-planting teams among unreached peoples—in multiple languages. The Pattern app does this with elegant simplicity.
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What types of partners are needed?

Screenshot from the Pattern Platform App

Never Say No Partner

Currently, an app costs $10,000 to build and launch. However, we only ask new app teams/groups to contribute $5000 to launch their application. Our Pattern team then raises another $5000 to pay all the other expenses. But for teams working among unreached people groups, we never say no, and we seek out full sponsorships when needed. This is where partners like you come in. A gift of $5000 partners with a team’s contribution to launch their app. A gift of $10,000 sponsors the entire cost of an application for a team working among unreached people groups.

Screenshot from the Pattern Platform App

Global Launch Partner

We believe God is calling people who understand the unique needs of a rapidly scaling ministry/business and want to give to continue building and upgrading the required infrastructure and team. Global Launch Partners will donate $25,000 or $50,000 (or some other amount) over the period of four years.

Screenshot from the Pattern Platform App

Until All Hear Partner

The Pattern team is made up of both employees supported by the income of the Platform and by missionaries who raise individual support in order to serve the world through the Platform. Both are incredibly important. Until All Hear Partners give monthly to assist with ongoing expenses, and their gifts ensure that costs remain as low as possible for those who use our apps. Further, if you’d like to give monthly to Pattern because of your connection with a specific team member, please note that and we’ll make sure the team member is notified!